As iRoomba rings out its sounds of success and completion, I am reminded of the joy of everyday life. It’s saying, “Success! I’ve done as much as I can do right now and I’ve done my best. I’ve returned to recharge so I can perform well again.” iRoomba knows when it’s had enough and needs to return home.

Too often we push and push beyond our limits. Too often we suffer the consequences. While it may seem minuscule, the consequences take a toll, weighing on us heavily. It’s not until we’re so down and facing physical ramifications that we often notice what has been going on.

The language of energy

Our energy has a flow and particular rhythm. Each of us moving in our own way. Learning the nuances of our energy’s language can reveal so much wisdom and cue us in to our course of action. Is it flowing? Is it a stopped up pipe with a trickle running out? Is it forced and pushed? Is it standing still? These all tell a story. Each story has a time and a place. Each one has value. But we must learn when it’s time to move on.

At what point are we stuck? When is it holding us back? That’s when we need to change the rhythm and flow of energy. Physically we often feel when it’s time to change. It may be different for each of us. My body tenses up like it’s prepared for a punch. Others may grit their teeth, have stomach pangs or headaches. As you check in at this moment, what is your energy revealing?

Today, I want to challenge you to look for the joy blockers in your life. What areas of your life are sucking the life out of you? What is making you tense up or grit your teeth? Take a brave look at it. Now, how can you change it? What can you do to change the power of this joy blocker? Because if we’re honest, it’s probably consuming much of your everyday life right now.

​In order to transform it, we have to start doing something different.

This may be changing our perception of the joy blocker. This may be removing it from our lives. This may be letting go of what we’re trying to control. This may be infusing more play and fun into our lives. Try something. Listen in and discover the new path. This is your sign that it’s not working right now and it’s time to change.

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