Natural rhythm and flow

We all have a natural rhythm with which we move in the world. Some are fast warriors. Some are calm nurturers. All sorts in between. Each has a place. How they interact and whether there is internal alignment is key.

We've been cultivated to be a certain way. Numbly and blindly following. A wheel in the cog of society. Many are awakening and realizing they have a different role to play. That there is in fact more to life.

There's only one me

And only one you

I'm an old soul who never quite fit in. Knowing more. Eager for the world around me to go deeper. I silently watch as I put the pieces back together.

I connect strongly with Mother Earth and her creatures. There's so much wisdom in nature. The cycles. The rhythm. The dance.

I strive to awaken fully. To share my light for those who need to see it. To reveal what I remember.

One foot in front of the other. Always moving forward.


Unraveling. Remembering. Revealing.

Unravel the flawed realities that have been created.

Remember our connection and wisdom of all that is. All seen and unseen.

Reveal our unique light, being aligned with our natural rhythm.

Simplicity. Return to Nature.

Simplicity promotes presence. To think, do and focus on only one thing at a time. Fully engaged, undistracted, experiencing the moment. Be all in.

Stay as close to nature as possible. To heal and strengthen our physical bodies, which have been showing distress and toxicity from the separation.

Let's have a conversation and see how far you want to go and if I'm the best one to take you there.

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