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Not living your life in line with who you really are can cause serious mental and physical illness. I can find the root of your obstacle, identify it and help you overcome it.

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Connecting with your inner self makes all life's hard decisions easier because you know if they are truly inline with you

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Living life according to someone else's desires for you is like being imprisoned. I can show you how to break free.

Frequently Asked Questions

I always tell people up front that I do not hold your hand and I'll call you out when you keep repeating the same stories over and over. I can be blunt and to the point. I'm here to assist you in getting off the hamster wheel so you can start moving forward. At times it may seem harsh and you may get mad at me and resist what I am saying, but when you realize you've just been playing a game, you'll understand I brought it to your attention so you could change it.

I'm very big on encouragement and acknowledging the work you are doing and how far you've come. You are responsible for the progress you've made. You are the one doing the work in making the change. I can offer insights and help you recognize where you are stuck over and over, but until you actually work on making the change, the change will not occur. Energetically, yes, I can create a change, but if you refuse to change within your environment, you will slip back to where you were until you are strong enough to maintain that change on your own. It's almost like breaking a habit. I also believe people do not get enough encouragement and pats on the back for what they have accomplished. We are taught to focus on what needs to be fixed and what we've failed at. I like to shift the focus on how far you have come so you do not get caught in the spiral of what you're doing wrong and what is going wrong. Keep eyes looking forward.

Before each session, I connect with your Inner Self to see how I may be of service. I ask that you reveal to me what you are needing to facilitate your growth and healing and to support where you are headed. I also do an energetic scan and clear out energies to help support the shift and transformation. During sessions, I may start out revealing a specific message or insight from the scans or I may just check in with you and see what has been going on. During the very first session, I assess where you are, where you desire to go and particular struggles you are experiencing. I use these as assessments for progress. As you are speaking, you reveal various patterns and blocks. I address these as they are brought up and guide you to shift and transform them. You receive tasks and assignments to work on between sessions. All of them are created to help you exercise and strengthen your connection with your Inner Self.

Short, simple response: You've got to learn to connect with your Inner Self and be able to hold that new vibration. It takes practice. Others reveal to us what we cannot see within ourselves.

More detailed response: You have to sort and sift through years of programming that has disconnected you from your Inner Self. This is difficult on your own because you may not be aware of that programming and how to return to your connection. Your energetic vibration must be shifted and transformed, clearing and healing any energetic imprints that have been separating you from your Inner Self. It takes practice to be able to maintain the vibration on your own. Regular sessions help keep you on track with these changes.

Also, when you've been telling your story over and over, it becomes a part of you and you often don't recognize that you are telling it. Someone who is on the outside can see and recognize that story and bring it to your attention. It is then that you are aware and able to rewrite the story. Yes, you may figure things out for yourself, but other people serve as mirrors to help you see within yourself. And, for example, if you've grown up in an environment with some negative behaviors and energies, you may not even be aware of the positive ones and how to have them. It can be difficult trying to shift from having abusive relationships to loving relationships when you are not familiar with that energy. There are patterns and programming within that need to be reformatted.

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