If your childhood self wrote a letter to your adult self about your life now? What would life look like? What would be most important?

As children we have many dreams, hopes and aspirations. Over time these dreams become fewer and fewer as they get crushed and discarded. And yet, deep within us, there is a yearning and pull for something more in our lives.

One day we realize we tucked away a part of us that made us feel alive. We got caught up in going through the motions. Now we want to wake up. Then comes the reality.

We don’t know how.

The greatest tragedy in life is to die with the dreams still inside us.

Are you OK with days and years passing by without starting your own business? Are you OK with not taking your dream vacation? Or losing weight? Or asking that cutie out? If you never did any of the things you dream about, is that OK?

Many have regrets. Read conversations with older generations who know their time is limited. You will see countless stories of regret. Ask and you will hear the longing to have a second chance. Their advice for us, go for it! Live without regret.

Yet, those three words “live without regret” can be so frightening. It’s as if a rebellious teenager appears and turns you into a leather jacket wearing, blue Mohawk, challenge the world kind of person. Which is great if that’s what you want! But on a deeper level, it means, no matter the fear that’s making you hesitate, go for it anyway. No matter the obstacles, go for it anyway. No matter what they say, go for it anyway.

When we look at why dreams go unlived, we can group the reasons into 3 main categories. Objects and circumstances, other people and ourselves.

Objects and circumstances are obstacles outside of ourselves, most commonly, time, money or experience. We don’t know where to start. We have young children or others who depend upon us. We can’t just get up and go, can we?

Those close to us are often the “other people”. These may be partners, parents, mentors, investors, etc. They influence us and discourage us from moving forward on our path. They reason it’s a silly dream that won’t support us or give us health benefits. Or our ideas are so progressive that others can’t understand how it works or believe that it does. (The earth wasn’t always round.)

Then comes our own worst enemy…ourselves. All the subconscious messages, the expectations for failure, the uncertainty in our abilities, our doubt in our self-worth and value. And maybe, just maybe, we’re afraid we’ll actually succeed. (Do you ever find yourself backpedaling right before you receive what you want?)

Depending upon what is going on at the time, one of these categories may dominate. Or maybe all 3 are equally challenging. Once you figure it out, you can decrease the power it has over you and finally go for it anyway. Or you can just go for it anyway.

Let’s be real though. If it was that easy, why haven’t you done it already? The reasons can be complex or simple. Few or many. It’s a question to explore.

Consider this:

Is the why more important than going for it? Is the why strong enough to dissolve regret?

If not, I’m providing you an opportunity to take a step forward. No selling involved. It’s an opportunity to explore what is going on and discover steps you can take towards reaching your dream.

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