The more she loves herself, the more she realizes how much she didn’t love herself. Her relationships. Her job. Her clothes even. She’s in disbelief at how far they are from what she desires. How could she let it get this far?

It’s frustrating in the transition space. She has to make some changes. The one who loves herself wouldn’t tolerate the shit she’s putting up with.

But is she ready to let it go?

It’s been protecting her in ways – being familiar and part of her life for so long. How does she even start making these changes? Claiming love and respect? Others aren’t going to let her change easily…without a fight.

She’s in unknown territory. Unsure of where to step next. Mixed feelings. Hesitation. Doubt. Maybe it’s meant to be as it is.

And yet, she knows.

It no longer fits in her world. It’s gnawing at her. Picking at her. Festering up. Forcing her to choose before she explodes into a million pieces.

She contemplates. Reflects. The way it’s been isn’t what she wants.

​How long does she want to let it stay that way?

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