Energy Painting for Couples


Being a couple can be the most rewarding and most challenging time in one’s life. Maintaining your individuality while becoming one unit is the feat. Some couples may be similar while others are polar opposites. Spiritually, it depends on our lessons in life and the contracts we made with our partners while in spirit. Energetically, our energies may be in conflict or working together. Energy paintings for couples contain energy for both individuals and the relationship. Specific intentions may be set, such as an obstacle you wish to overcome together, an energy you wish to enhance in the relationship or honoring the union of two individuals. You may also leave it open to the Universe in which you typically receive more than what you desire because it captures your deepest self.

*The holiday price is for 16″x20″x3/4″ size. Sides are painted in case they are unframed. Additional sizes are available upon request for an additional fee based upon time and availability for holiday time frame.

If you live outside the Continental United States or would like a custom size, request a custom quote here.

When life is stripped down to the basics, you are left with energy and soul. These two things form the essence of our reality. I spent my college career studying humans and why we do what we do. After receiving a MS in counseling, I discovered the path I'd always known into energy and spirituality. As an empath, intuitive healer and artist, I channel the messages needed to overcome blocks and create shifts. I tap deep into the soul wounds to restore connection and healing.

Valerie Downtown-min