A Parenting Podcast About Raising Awakened Children

Valerie Downtown-min

Hi, I'm Valerie

Let's create more possibilities in your life and connect deeply with your True Self.

Let's face it. Life can be very challenging. Consider all the experiences you've had in this lifetime and lessons you have faced. Each one of those has affected you in some way. And may even be directing your life at this very moment. 

When we make a belief and judgement about something, we limit our view of what we see. Life becomes restricted and our souls are constrained. Discomfort, anxiety, depression...all sorts of dissatisfaction arises as we separate from our True Self. That separation creates a longing and seeking within us as we try to find our way home.

And so, the journey begins. 

"Like the equivalent of being unlocked, I knew within minutes of our first conversation that I had been given access to a new life experience and a brilliant wonder. It’s almost like speaking to your inner voice through its friend or translator; it is very hard to describe but you will know it too. Even prior to speaking, Valerie is all-in, completely present and connected, with responses that are elevated, grounded and smart - so smart. It’s easy to realize her passion for research, life, possibilities, connection and service and so much more, have cultivated a very deep and wise well of intelligence."
K.H., Nashville, TN
"Valerie helped me find my voice and learn how to ask for what I deserve from others and myself. We worked together for 6 months and the experience was life-changing. I cannot express how thankful I am for her guidance and highly recommend her to anyone going thru a major life change."
L.R., Tryon, NC
"You are able to sense and understand the root of someone's "problem" before they are even able to see it. You don't come right out and tell them what it is. You turn on lights for them to come into understanding"
M.D., Charleston, SC

There's a part of you nudging you to change. Another part fears the change. Only you know if it's time to challenge that fear. Let's have a conversation and see how far you want to go and if I'm the best one to take you there.